Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ETPro

This folder contains various pk3 files
    name type asc size date description
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download etpro_shaders.pk3 pk3 29.7 KB 14-02-2017 ETPro shader fixes to many maps
download kmod.pk3 pk3 1.5 MB 14-02-2017 KMOD sound pack pk3
download rochelle_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 483  B 14-02-2017 La Rochelle ETPro shader fix
download warbell_etproonly.pk3 pk3 2.7 KB 14-02-2017 Warbell ETPro shader fix
download decoder_etpro.pk3 pk3 273  B 14-02-2017 Decoder ETPro shader fix
download mlb_maps.pk3 pk3 25.1 KB 14-02-2017 MLB maps campaign and location names by antman
download bergen_pro.pk3 pk3 448  B 14-02-2017 Bergen ETPro shader fix
download theriver2redux_ETPRO.pk3 pk3 653  B 14-02-2017 TheRiver II Redux ETPro shader fix
download quicker_fueldump_pro326_b1.pk3 pk3 22.5 KB 14-02-2017 Quicker Fuel Dump by nUllSkillZ (more info in the readme.txt inside the pk3)
download dubrovnik_final_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 470  B 14-02-2017 Dubrovnik ETPro shader fix
download base12_b6_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 2.3 KB 14-02-2017 Base12 B6 ETPro shader fix
download raw_final_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 445  B 14-02-2017 Raw Castle Final ETPro shader fix
download bremen_b2_fix.pk3 pk3 9.3 KB 14-02-2017 Bremen B2 command map fix
download rommel_final_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 436  B 14-02-2017 Rommel ETPro shader fix
download reactor_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 500  B 14-02-2017 Reactor ETPro shader fix
download alpine_assault_final_pro.pk3 pk3 486  B 14-02-2017 Alpine Assault Final ETPro shader fix
download bremen_b3_hotfix.pk3 pk3 89.9 KB 14-02-2017 Bremen B3 command map fix
download vengeance_te_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 439  B 14-02-2017 Vengeance TE ETPro shader fix
download rommel_ga_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 pk3 436  B 14-02-2017 Rommel GA ETPro shader fix
download zz_disable_default_campaigns.pk3 pk3 384  B 14-02-2017 Disables Central Europe and North American campaigns
download raw_te_etpro.pk3 pk3 707  B 14-02-2017 Raw Castle TE ETPro shader fix
download rockeyes_b2_etpro.pk3 pk3 799  B 14-02-2017 Rock Eyes B2 ETPro shader fix
download fueldump_custom_icons.pk3 pk3 9.1 KB 14-02-2017 Fuel Dump custom command map icons
download rommel_final_supplement.pk3 pk3 5.4 KB 14-02-2017 Rommel fixes
download raw_docs_fix.pk3 pk3 1.6 KB 14-02-2017 Raw Castle Final documents fix
download caen2_soundfix.pk3 pk3 722  B 14-02-2017 Caen 2 soundfix by antman