antman.info is the personal website of Antti Manninen and focuses on the bits of things that interest him. It exists solely for his amusement. Feel free to explore. If you find things here that please you, then we can consider the world a better place. If, on the other hand, you consider this site to be a waste of time, then he'd probably on the whole agree with you.

So, this website has nothing to do with the Ant-Man comic books or the movie based on the characters in the comic books. Why antman.info then? Well, the answer is simple: antman is a combination of my first and last name: Antti Manninen (just the three first characters of both) and I've been using this nickname since 1995.

What can you find here?

Besides this home page that you are seeing now this site is divided into five main categories that are:

News about the updates on this website and some personal blog posts.

Information about antman and the technologies used on this website.

Photos from various parties, trips and the Finnish nature.

A few hundred jokes in English and Finnish.

Resources for the game Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory that I have either created or collected from other sites.