Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ETPro

This folder contains Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory stuff that I have collected or created for ETPro mod.

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Name Size Description
autoexecs map autoexec files
configs client config files
locations location override databases
luamodules LUA modules
mapscripts server side mapscripts
movieconfigs movie config files
pk3 various pk3 files
scripts various scripts
serverconfigs League configs for servers
all_autoexecs.zip 269 KB all map autoexec files in a zip
all_locations.zip 745 KB all location override databases in a zip
autoexecs_locations.zip 980 KB all map autoexec files and location overrides in a zip
comp_map_autoexecs_locations.zip 49 KB competition maps autoexecs and location overrides in a zip
etpro-3_2_6.zip 3.6 MB ETPro 3.2.6
scripts_pack.zip 1 MB map autoexecs, location overrides, class script and spawntimer script in a zip