Never say these in front of ur kids!

1st Scene...
Daddy and Mommy are fighting in the living room,right in front of their little son.
Daddy: Oh!!! You Bitch!
Mommy: What?? You Bastard!
Son: Daddy, Mommy, what's Bitch and Bastard??
At this moment, Daddy blushes. He quickly thinks up of something.
Daddy: It means Ladies and Gentlemen son.
Son: Oh I see!!

2nd Scene...
Little Son was watching a TV show about premarital sex and there they mentioned the words 'breasts' and 'penises'. Mommy was reading the papers.
Son: Mommy, what's breasts and penises?
At this moment, mommy turned blue, and quickly thought of something to say.
Mommy: It means coats and hats, son.
Son: Oh I see!!

3rd Scene...
Daddy was shaving his beard and son passed by; the toilet. Suddenly daddy cut himself and scream...
Daddy: Oh SHIT!!
Son: Daddy, what's shit?
At this moment, Daddy eyes bulged, and quickly thought of something to say..
Daddy: It means shaving cream, son.
Son: Oh I see!!

4th Scene...
Christmas is approaching, and mommy was stuffing the turkey into the stove.The turkey just wouldn't fit into the stove, so she said...
Mommy: Oh! Fuck!
Son: Mommy, what's fuck?
At this moment, Mommy froze. She quickly thought of something to say.
Mommy: It means stuffing, son
Son: Oh I see!!

5th Scene...
It's Christmas Eve! Little son exuberantly opened the door to let all that is uncles, aunties, cousins and friends come into the house. Proudly he said... "Welcome in, Bastards and Bitches! Please put all your breasts and penises at that corner of the house ! My parent are busy at the moment. You see; Daddy is putting shit on his face upstairs and mummy is fucking the turkey in the kitchen. Don't worry they will come out in a minute!!"

Everyone fainted!