A muscly Irishman walks into a bar one day
Bar man: "Don't take this the wrong way but that's an amazing body you've got there"
Muscly man: "Thanks"
Bar man: "But if you don't mind me asking, how com your head's so small?"
Muscly man: "well, that's a bit of a story now. You see I used to be a bit of a weed when one fine day I was walking through these woods and happened across an old teapot. Picked it up and gave it a wee rub (as you do) and out pops the sexiest jeannie I ever did see! On thanking me for releasing her she gave me three wishes, the first of which I asked for a big muscly body. Just like that, me muscles started sproutin, wripped me little clothes to shreds! After shaggin fuck out of her for me second wish she reminds me 'you know you still have one more wish'. So I says 'how's about a little head?'"