Australian Zodiac

Here's a new zodiac based on Australia's own native animals. See if they reveal your personality.

RED KANGAROO (Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19)
The kangaroo or "great foot" has an abundance of speed. His great feet with highly developed tendons allow an abundance of energy because of their self-supporting attitude. The kangaroo sets down an intuitive path for its young to follow, ensuring its growth. It has a nurturing tendency - supporting, fostering and encouraging its young. The kangaroo has a strong sense of family togetherness.

  • Woman: The red kangaroo woman is independent, optimistic and idealistic, with a strong faith in the future. She is capable of intense passion but is temperamental and likes freedom. Although loyal, she dislikes playing a secondary role to a man.
  • Man: The red kangaroo man is faithful and idealistic. He dislikes flirtation and is both possessive and jealous. He is often intolerant, selfish and demanding, but can be sentimental. He is generous but not good at budgets.

HAIRY-NOSED WOMBAT (Taurus Apr 21 - May 21)
Placid wombats go about their business largely unseen, stubbornly digging large underground homes where they can go to escape their predators. Their tenacity means they don't give up on anything - wombats just keep digging until their goals are achieved. Being nocturnal feeders gives them an advantage, as most predators are sleeping when wombats are feeding.

  • Woman: The wombat woman usually has a friendly disposition and likes entertaining at home. She likes her partner to be dependable and a good provider. She has a mind of her own and is emotionally strong. She has a strong sense of beauty and can excel at decorating her home.
  • Man: The wombat man is usually strong and masculine in his appearance, with a generous mouth and kindly eyes. He makes a good partner as he is loyal, considerate and romantic. He loves his home and children and likes to provide those special extras for his woman.

SUGAR GLIDER (Gemini May 22 - June 21)
Known for their timid nature, gliders must take a giant leap of faith as they parachute themselves into the great unknown, usually landing safely in the arms of their carefully chosen tree. In the darkness of the night and the silence of space, sugar gliders launch their way through life, trusting that the next tree will be there to catch them.

  • Woman: The sugar glider woman is often fickle and treats romance as a game. She has a wonderful imagination and can be lively and happy when it suits her mood. She has an appealing charm and is more practical than sentimental. She can be attracted to a man for his intellectual qualities, but then suddenly become bored. She is a thinker (and a very able one) and is often a career woman.
  • Man: The sugar glider man is a good talker and, with his ready wit, Shines socially. He is so unpredictable that his mood can change in a moment, and he has a tendency to become critical and irritable. One moment, he can be sullen and morose, the next, up in the clouds. His aims in life are changeable and his instabilities are often his undoing. He is not known for being possessive or jealous. For him, variety is the spice of life.

KOALA (Cancer June 22 - July 23)
Koalas, with their firm grip on life, always know where they are going by being aware of the opportunities they are presented with. Koalas are very selective in the paths they take, and will foster only those directions that present the most enrichment. They choose their trees very carefully as the choice not only provides their source of food, but also their bed.

  • Woman: A koala woman is good at saving and likes to build up reserves of food or essentials for rainy days. She is motherly, protective and fond of her children and home. She is very imaginative, highly sensitive and easily hurt. Harsh words or criticism can wound her deeply and she will easily retreat into her tree.
  • Man: The koala man is wary of strangers and will never confide his secrets to others. He loves his home and garden and has an affectionate and sentimental heart. He is usually very loyal, but even so, he can be fickle.

FRILL-NECKED LIZARD (Leo July 24 - Aug 23)
Lizards weave wonderful dreams of memories that have been long forgotten. They remember the dreamtime, when they ruled the earth. Lizards, when under threat, will let drop their tails as a defense mechanism ensuring their survival, but people will not let go of past issues and this will be their undoing.

  • Woman: The frill-necked lizard woman is usually popular, good looking and has a vibrant personality. She likes fine clothes and dressing up. She dislikes slovenly men and likes to feel proud of her partner. She loves going to dinner or to a show, and likes mixing with the best people, in the right places. She is intelligent and has a good sense of humour and is inclined to be independent. She has a soft heart, is usually sentimental, and has a weakness for flattery.
  • Man: The frill-necked lizard man likes to be dominant, but he can be jealous and has quite a strong temper if annoyed. He can flirt and is often fickle, although he may not mean this at heart. He dislikes loneliness, and will look for fun and pleasure and for the types of people who will blend with his ego. He is loyal and affectionate and generous with his money. He is usually well built and is fond of sport.

ECHIDNA (Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23)
The echidna is most likely to raise its spikes when someone gets too close; it needs it space. The little creature is so safely encased in his own comfort zone, he is afraid to allow anyone in. The moment it is threatened, it rolls itself into a ball so that nothing can harm - and it can't see the light.

  • Woman: An echidna woman likes a caring but not dominant partner. She can be practical and loving at the same time. She has an orderly and efficient mind and is usually well controlled, both mentally and emotionally. She is loyal and respects the truth. She is fond of books, writing, concerts, artistic entertainment, and arts and crafts.
  • Man: The echidna man loves to work and is careful in his choice of partner. He frowns upon dramatic declarations of love and of flirtatious and empty affairs. He looks for an intelligent partner who will take an interest in family. He is loyal, decent and possessive, but is not usually jealous. He can be fairly strict with children but is always fair.

COCKATOO (Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23)
Cockatoos continually primp and preen their feathers to attract potential mates. It is also a reflection of their high self-esteem. Their open, friendly nature can be seen in their willingness to mix with others. Cockatoos are sometimes seen alone but, mostly, they spend time in large groups enjoying each other's company.

  • Woman: The Cockatoo woman likes to own lovely things - beautiful clothes, perfume, pictures, fresh flowers, candlelight and good music. She has a flair for socializing, and entertaining at home. Her home will be well cared for, clean and colourful in a quiet way, and she will surround herself with furniture that blends with her nature. She is usually highly intellectual, witty and charming. She is sentimental and affectionate, and does not like to work or live alone.
  • Man: The Cockatoo man lacks driving ambition, but works for a comfortable, secure life. He is often "in love with love" and becomes confused between a good friendship and romance. He cannot live alone and must have someone to share his life and dreams with. He is fond of the art and literature and is very sociable, courteous and obliging. He will not willingly hurt anyone's feelings and he has a natural gentleness about him.

REDBACK SPIDER (Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22)
The redback spider ceaselessly weaves the web of life. It knows that as long as it remains active in pursuing life's goals, it will always be nourished by the universe. Its knowledge of the world and its energy is reflected by its ability to catch what it needs.

  • Woman: The redback spider woman has a strange glamour and penetrating eyes. On the surface she can be calm and poised, hiding her thoughts and emotions with great skill. She is possessive and has a natural interest in the opposite sex. She will be loyal and affectionate in a happy relationship, but hates weakness and looks for a strong partner in life. She can burn with jealousy, resentment and furious anger if her principles are put to the challenge. Her home is usually full of good taste, comfortable and very clean.
  • Man: The redback spider man is extremely passionate. In his work, religious belief, politics, friendships and business relationships, he is intense and thorough. He is very energetic and perceptive and likes to probe to the very roots of mysteries. He is intuitive and jealous in his personal and business life and will think nothing of pushing others out of his way if they should try to obstruct.

KOOKABURRA (Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21)
The kookaburra's distinctive laughing call is contagious - it makes one feel like laughing along. It can stir up feelings of joy and of positive energy. When you hear a kookaburra laugh, remember to allow yourself to laugh as well, for laughter and joy are part of the very essence of our being.

  • Woman: The kookaburra woman is cheerful, optimistic and friendly. She is honest, confident and independent. She is not fussy about the house and is not one to slave in the kitchen. She likes drama and excitement, travel and the open countryside. She hates to feel possessed and tied down to routine. She likes good company, nice clothes, good food and wine. She is casual towards romance but, when really in love, will be loyal and affectionate.
  • Man: The kookaburra man dislikes discipline and confined spaces. He is very optimistic, idealistic and intelligent. He likes a partner who will share his love of fun and adventure. He is not possessive, jealous or demanding, and likes to be free to come and go as he pleases. He is honest, open minded, easy to get on with, friendly and popular. He must have a challenging interest in his life or else he will become bored and restless.

GOANNA (Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20)
Goannas are forever curious about their surroundings. They calmly saunter along using their powerful body and legs to climb trees and rocks as they poke their noses into all manners of mischief. But should goannas feel there is danger about, they'll make a speedy retreat.

  • Woman: The goanna woman can be icy or charming; either way, she is sensible, determined, clever and superior. She makes a particularly good career woman - she's ambitious, and looks for security, so she will work hard to climb the ladder of success. She excels at managing the household chores and the budget and makes a caring mother, but can be a little too strict with her children.
  • Man: The goanna man is strong, dependable and very ambitious. He is often a loner, but not by choice. He rarely shows his feelings and many think he has a heart of stone. But he is innately shy and adopts a serious approach towards love.

EMU (Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19)
These great flightless birds forage attentively in family groups and pair off during the breeding season to prepare for new arrivals. Once the eggs are laid, the male assumes the motherly role of taking care of them and then the chicks, once they've hatched.

  • Woman: The emu woman is faithful when in love, but not ardent or emotional. She likes to be able to carry on with her own interests and mix with her friends as often as she likes. She will often work when married to get away from the confines of the home. She is interested in the future but not from a material angle. She is not a snob and will go out of her way to help friends in trouble, whether they are rich or poor.
  • Man: The emu man admires intelligence and hates to be possessed. He is kind and loyal and enjoys an interesting social life where he can mix with the type of people who match him intellectually. He has a modern outlook and fixed opinions. He would make a good scientist, inventor, pilot, social worker, writer, mental-health worker or teacher.

PLATYPUS (Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20)
The platypus feeds at dusk and dawn, so it is not easily seen. If it senses an observer it will dive beneath the water. Though timid, it has the means to defend itself if it chooses.

  • Woman: The platypus woman is full of charm, is sometimes quite witty, demure and feminine. She adapts to circumstances and to other people's influences easily but she can be careless, secretive and deceptive. She can lose herself in her dream world and be oblivious to reality, so she requires someone who can protect her.
  • Man: The platypus man is easily hurt, sensitive and needs plenty of encouragement. He dislikes criticism and arguments and can easily become moody or depressed. His interests lean towards the arts, but he would make a good doctor, chemist or welfare worker. He is happy in an environment where his sympathetic qualities are employed.