Paddy gets horny

Paddy's driving his car through the country-side, when he suddenly gets horny. Sack's bulging and he must release!! On seeing a field full of fine looking cows, he stops his car, gets out, climbs the fence and walks towards this particularly nice looking cow. He drops his pants and just when he's about ready, the cow walks away. This happens to him a couple of times and he's getting really frantic when he hears the brakes of a car and when he turns around he sees this gorgeous brunette getting out of the car. Her car has broken down and she pleads for help as she's late for an appointment. She promises the guy she'll do anything as long as he helps her. "Anything?" he asks and she promises: "Anything!" He manages to fix the car for her and when it's all fixed, he asks her again: Anything?" She answers:" Yes, anything!" "Ah well," he says, "you come with me then and hold this cow!"