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Here you can find movie configs. Most of them have been downloaded from the user profiles on the website and a few others are from other websites. These configs are for movie making purposes.

DISCLAIMER In case you download a config and it includes cheat CVARs, I take no responsibility if you get caught and are banned. Therefore it is always your own responsibility to check the config you are using and I simply don't have time to double check every config.

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Name Size Description
[ back ] Parent folder 848 B README 10.3 MB ag0n movie config
movie_antman.cfg 8.2 KB antman movie config
movie_dos_arts.cfg 7.1 KB dos arts movie config
movie_duality.cfg 7.9 KB Duality movie config
movie_farmer.cfg 7.9 KB Farmer movie config
movie_highq.cfg 907 B High Quality movie config
movie_immoo.cfg 3.6 KB Immoo movie config
movie_indu.cfg 5.0 KB Indu movie config
movie_lake.cfg 15.9 KB Lake movie config 13.2 KB -Max- movie config
movie_muskulo.cfg 5.2 KB Muskulo movie config
movie_pack.cfg 11.7 KB movie config pack
movie_quaky.cfg 14.6 KB quaky movie config
movie_vaggi.cfg 15.8 KB Vaggi movie config
movie_winghaven.cfg 15.9 KB Winghaven movie config 62.8 KB Zaigon movie config by hannes