ETPro » LUA module scripts

Here you can find server side LUA module scripts that change different aspects of the gameplay.

More information about LUA module API can be found on the WolfWiki: Lua Mod API

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Name Size Description
[ back ] Parent folder 569 B README 14.5 KB ACpro 2.1 mod by Luk4ward
adrenaline.lua 839 B More Adrenaline for Medics 0.1 by Nano
advancedref.lua 5.2 KB Advanced Referee 0.1 by Nano
announcehp.lua 783 B Announce killer's health by McSteve
announcehp_v4.lua 3.0 KB Advanced announce killer's health by McSteve
announcekillershealth.lua 618 B Announce killer's health by Phenomenon
autoref.lua 5.9 KB Auto referee by ReyalP
battery_botv4_2.lua 6.0 KB Anti Spawn Kill Battery by McSteve 9.6 KB BoonDock's TJ mod
botdetectv3.lua 11.7 KB Script to auto-kick players achieving improbable amounts of damage given (covert-ops only) by McSteve
campswitcher.lua 4.8 KB Switches "nextcampaign" according to number of players on your server, by McSteve
combinedfixes.lua 10.4 KB Combined fixes by ReyalP
dynamite.lua 7.1 KB Server side dynamit timer script by Vetinari
etconst.lua 4.0 KB Some common constants from the et header files by ReyalP
etproguidlog_v2.lua 2.0 KB Simple script to create a file that logs the time, etproguid, pbguid, name and IP of each connecting player by McSteve
ETProStuffPlug.lua 31.1 KB Offers many functions and commands by =FF=im2good4u
ETWsk.lua 26.7 KB Anti-Spawnkill by Madmat
fakeplimit.lua 2.1 KB Limit fake players DOS by ReyalP
guidcheck.lua 1.9 KB Prevent guid borkage by ReyalP
gw_refv1.lua 7.7 KB Referee script by McSteve 1.6 MB KMOD+ 0.5.6 alpha release by Necromancer 347.6 KB KMOD LUA by Clutch152
knownguidsv2.lua 6.7 KB This script prevents clients with a pbguid never before seen by the server from joining a team until they have served a wait-time, by McSteve
noinfightsk.lua 2.3 KB Detects infight selfkills and displays a message showing guilty parties by McSteve
nokill.lua 711 B No /kill by Infty
noweapon.lua 2.4 KB Disables the weapons you want except engineer tool and knife by =FF=im2good4u
playsound.lua 1.9 KB Play sound by RoadKillPuppy
playsoundcmd.lua 3.0 KB Play sound command by Phenomenon
ref_monitor.lua 2.8 KB Referee monitor by Brush
skbot.lua 7.5 KB Anti Spawn Kill Bot by Hadr0
skcount_v1_1.lua 4.3 KB Selfkill punishment by McSteve
spawnInvul.lua 2.2 KB Adjust duration of spawn invulnerability by Nappy
userinfocheck.lua 4.5 KB Prevent various borkage by invalid userinfo by ReyalP
wsfix.lua 634 B LUA module to prevent ws overrun exploit by ReyalP