Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ETPro

This folder contains Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory stuff that I have collected or created for ETPro mod.
    name asc type size date description
autoexecs <DIR> 450 items 14-02-2017 map autoexec files
configs <DIR> 101 items 22-05-2018 client config files
locations <DIR> 446 items 14-02-2017 location override databases
luamodules <DIR> 35 items 14-02-2017 LUA modules
mapscripts <DIR> 76 items 14-02-2017 server side mapscripts
movieconfigs <DIR> 17 items 22-05-2018 movie config files
pk3 <DIR> 27 items 14-02-2017 various pk3 files
scripts <DIR> 10 items 14-02-2017 various scripts
serverconfigs <DIR> 13 items 14-02-2017 League configs for servers
download all_autoexecs.zip zip 507.0 KB 14-02-2017 all map autoexec files in a zip
download all_locations.zip zip 982.5 KB 14-02-2017 all location override databases in a zip
download autoexecs_locations.zip zip 1.2 MB 14-02-2017 all map autoexec files and location overrides in a zip
download comp_map_autoexecs_locations.zip zip 289.5 KB 14-02-2017 competition maps autoexecs and location overrides in a zip
download etpro-3_2_6.zip zip 3.5 MB 14-02-2017 ETPro 3.2.6
download scripts_pack.zip zip 1.2 MB 14-02-2017 map autoexecs, location overrides, class script and spawntimer script in a zip