Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ETPro

This folder contains various LUA scripts
    name type asc size date description
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download announcekillershealth.lua lua 618  B 14-02-2017 Announce killer's health by Phenomenon
download wsfix.lua lua 634  B 14-02-2017 LUA module to prevent ws overrun exploit by ReyalP
download nokill.lua lua 711  B 14-02-2017 No /kill by Infty
download announcehp.lua lua 783  B 14-02-2017 Announce killer's health by McSteve
download adrenaline.lua lua 839  B 14-02-2017 More Adrenaline for Medics 0.1 by Nano
download playsound.lua lua 1.9 KB 14-02-2017 Play sound by RoadKillPuppy
download guidcheck.lua lua 1.9 KB 14-02-2017 Prevent guid borkage by ReyalP
download etproguidlog_v2.lua lua 2.0 KB 14-02-2017 Simple script to create a file that logs the time, etproguid, pbguid, name and IP of each connecting player by McSteve
download fakeplimit.lua lua 2.1 KB 14-02-2017 Limit fake players DOS by ReyalP
download spawnInvul.lua lua 2.2 KB 14-02-2017 Adjust duration of spawn invulnerability by Nappy
download noinfightsk.lua lua 2.3 KB 14-02-2017 Detects infight selfkills and displays a message showing guilty parties by McSteve
download noweapon.lua lua 2.4 KB 14-02-2017 Disables the weapons you want except engineer tool and knife by =FF=im2good4u
download ref_monitor.lua lua 2.8 KB 14-02-2017 Referee monitor by Brush
download playsoundcmd.lua lua 3.0 KB 14-02-2017 Play sound command by Phenomenon
download announcehp_v4.lua lua 3.0 KB 14-02-2017 Advanced announce killer's health by McSteve
download etconst.lua lua 4.0 KB 14-02-2017 Some common constants from the et header files by ReyalP
download skcount_v1_1.lua lua 4.3 KB 14-02-2017 Selfkill punishment by McSteve
download userinfocheck.lua lua 4.5 KB 14-02-2017 Prevent various borkage by invalid userinfo by ReyalP
download campswitcher.lua lua 4.8 KB 14-02-2017 Switches "nextcampaign" according to number of players on your server, by McSteve
download advancedref.lua lua 5.2 KB 14-02-2017 Advanced Referee 0.1 by Nano
download autoref.lua lua 5.9 KB 14-02-2017 Auto referee by ReyalP
download battery_botv4_2.lua lua 6.0 KB 14-02-2017 Anti Spawn Kill Battery by McSteve
download knownguidsv2.lua lua 6.7 KB 14-02-2017 This script prevents clients with a pbguid never before seen by the server from joining a team until they have served a wait-time, by McSteve
download dynamite.lua lua 7.1 KB 14-02-2017 Server side dynamit timer script by Vetinari
download skbot.lua lua 7.5 KB 14-02-2017 Anti Spawn Kill Bot by Hadr0
download gw_refv1.lua lua 7.7 KB 14-02-2017 Referee script by McSteve
download BoonTJ_v0.5b.zip zip 9.6 KB 14-02-2017 BoonDock's TJ mod
download combinedfixes.lua lua 10.4 KB 14-02-2017 Combined fixes by ReyalP
download botdetectv3.lua lua 11.7 KB 14-02-2017 Script to auto-kick players achieving improbable amounts of damage given (covert-ops only) by McSteve
download ACpro-etpro-lua_2-1.zip zip 14.5 KB 14-02-2017 ACpro 2.1 mod by Luk4ward
download ETWsk.lua lua 26.7 KB 14-02-2017 Anti-Spawnkill by Madmat
download ETProStuffPlug.lua lua 31.1 KB 14-02-2017 Offers many functions and commands by =FF=im2good4u
download kmod1.5.zip zip 347.6 KB 14-02-2017 KMOD LUA by Clutch152
download kmod+_v0-5-6.zip zip 1.6 MB 14-02-2017 KMOD+ 0.5.6 alpha release by Necromancer